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Antica Vernice Italiana

How to order
Please send an e-mail to office@tonewoods.info or order by phone +43 3882 24176

„Antica Vernice Italiana“

is an oil varnish following italian recipes of the 16th and 17th centuries. It contains linseed oil, nut oil and either colofony or larch turpentine. The varnish dries in UV-light within about 3 days. To varnish an instument 2-4 layers are necessary.

UV-Lamps: We recommend ordinary UVA sun-tan-lamps. If You are unable to find them in local shops we are ready to give You a link. In varnishing an instrument we ask to follow our instructions for use and we would also like to draw Your attention to our annual varnishing workshops . The schedule will be offered on our Home page.


Safety Data Sheet -EN (PDF)

Sicherheitsdatenblatt -DE (PDF)

Qualities and prices

dark varnish (Colophony) 100ml EURO 40,–

varnish for double bass/cello 100ml EURO 40,– (this varnish is a little harder)

all prices + VAT 20%